Welcome to JMcTeague.com

Hello! My name is Jen McTeague. I’m a math teacher, Pathfinder player, and puzzle hunter. Below are some of the various projects I’ve worked on that are available online.


  • ToS1-04 House of Mirrors – This is a module I wrote for the Legacies campaign, which was my attempt of making a Pathfinder murder mystery that works with the rules, not despite them. It was really fun to write and has been tons of fun to run.
  • Rasputin Redesign Challenge – This was a contest hosted on the Paizo boards to redesign Rasputin with occult classes. I won by adding Anna-[freaking]-Vyurbova with an archetype’s Leadership feat.
  • Villain Codex II – I contributed what is probably the dorkiest villain you’ve ever seen, but he still packs quite a punch!
  • Villain Codex IV – I contributed an unfettered eidolon who thinks summoning creatures is wrong and will kill summoners to free their eidolons.
  • Gostor: Hordes!!! – This product details both mob and minion rules for Pathfinder. I wrote the minion rules as part of the process of writing Need of the Many, and I think that they came out really well.
  • PhillyPFS.com – This site contains articles that I’ve written for the benefit of Philadelphia Pathfinder Society Players. A couple of my best articles are linked below.
  • Characters – Stats for all the Pathfinder characters I have played or am currently playing.

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

  • Wayfinder #15 – My contribution to the fan magazine was to writing an ACG adventure called Sailing in the River Kingdoms. It’s meant to replace the B adventure in Skull and Shackles while providing the same rewards in only 2 scenarios, with a very flavorful bonus reward.
  • Friends and Enemies – This was a guest blog I wrote for Paizo explaining how I wrote a custom scenario. And it’s fully playable in Wrath of the Righteous – just slip it into Adventure 2!


  • Heat Rises (w/ Ange) – The two of us wrote this puzzle for a picnic in the Boston area Summer 2016. It’s a variant on a Waterfall puzzle (as introduced to me through Puzzlecraft).
  • Happy Pi Day! – This was a puzzle I wrote for the Boston MiniCon in Spring 2016. It was the day before Pi Day, which allowed for quick inspiration for this puzzle.
  • Transformations – This was my coming out puzzle, and the first cryptic I’ve ever written. It’s not the hardest cryptic in the world, but that’s because I wanted as many people to solve it before I came out to my puzzle team.

A Collection of My Works