Welcome to JMcTeague.com

Hello! My name is James McTeague. I’m a tech support guy, Pathfinder player, and puzzle hunter. Below are some of the various projects I’ve worked on that are available online.


  • 94-LC-03 Need of the Many – This is a module I wrote for NeoExodus Legacies, involving an “abandoned” castle and a tricky moral dilemma (as implied by the title).
  • Gostor: Hordes!!! – This product details both mob and minion rules for Pathfinder. I wrote the minion rules as part of the process of writing Need of the Many, and I think that they came out really well.
  • PhillyPFS.com – This site contains articles that I’ve written for the benefit of Philadelphia Pathfinder Society Players. A couple of my best articles are linked below.
  • Characters – Stats for all the Pathfinder characters I have played or am currently playing.


  • The Time Machine – A mini-puzzle hunt I created after participating in the MIT Mystery Hunt for the first time. Overall the puzzles are easier than the MIT Mystery Hunt, with an exception or two.

A Collection of My Works